Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Panic!

Tyler Carr and I were being held captive somewhere when his brother Bryce (birthday shout-out!) came and freed us. He drove us back to my parents' house in a van. We spent most of the rest of the dream getting packed and ready. It turns out Shredder (of Ninja Turtles fame) was the one that had been holding us and he was coming to take us away. The whole dream I remember trying to decide if we were going to go with Shredder or fight back. We packed so we would be ready to leave with him if we had to.

Tyler called the embassy to tell them that a person that had gone missing was dead and we knew this because we had seen that person while we were being held at Shredder's. I got mad at Tyler because Shredder had a spy at the embassy so he probably knew that we were at my parents' house now. We hurried to get ready and my dad calmly helped.

When we heard a knock at the door Tyler and I panicked. We decided to fight back instead of go with him. I grabbed a baseball bat and gave another to Tyler. Tyler ran to the door as my dad opened it. A lady walked through the door and started introducing Shredder as he shoved her out of the way. I was standing about 20 feet down the hall when I saw him walk in. Then I reached into my pocket with my right hand and grabbed a pistol and shot him. That's when the dream ended.

Ever notice how you can be in a total panic in your dream, but others seem so calm? Like if you think you're about to die or you're not wearing any clothes the people around you in the dream act as if its no big deal. That seems to be pretty common in my dreams.

Oh, and I promise I have not been watching Ninja Turtles lately. But now I want to.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Law and Order

Dun dun (you know, the music at the beginning of the episode).

In my opinion Ice-T stands above the rest
Abby and I were at a lake house. She was hanging out with this, like, wives club and all the other wives were kinda weird, like from a bad TV show. I walked into a room where there were 2 cops talking to a girl in the middle of the room. They were investigating some kind of crime and yes it was Detective Stabler and Ice-T (honestly he deserves some sort of best actor award) from Law and Order: SVU. To complete the scene the back wall of the room was lined with people dressed head to toe in black, kinda like ninjas.

Ice-T pulled each "ninja" into the center of the room and they each did some sort of dance that was supposed to help us solve the crime. After they did their dance they took off their mask so we could see their faces. Then Detective Stabler left the room and I was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to keep everyone in the room. I held a broom in front of the door to keep everyone in. Then some lady came up to me and said I couldn't legally hold them there and everyone left.

The scene cut to me walking around the house at night. The suspects ("ninjas") started following me around real creepy like. It was like a zombie movie where everyone is chasing you in slow-mo. They all had pieces of evidence. I started following a lady carrying rocks. She set them down next to the house and when I went to pick them up all the suspects started coming at me. I started to run away. I had to hit some of them with the rocks to get through the crowd. I ran inside still holding the rocks and everyone coming after me. That's when I woke up (stupid alarm).

I'll start my attempt at interpreting by noting that I watched like 5 hours of Law and Order: SVU with Abby yesterday. No surprise where the detectives came from, then. Usually in every episode they try to hold some suspect as long as they can and some lawyer tells them that's illegal, so that explains that part. Next, I swear every episode takes place at night.

Yes we would like some candy...
Mobs surrounding me seem to pop up more frequently as of late. I'm not sure if being chased necessarily has a meaning or if its just the brain's way of creating a situation that makes me anxious. I have read that the part of the brain that makes you anxious or scared works more at night which explains why a lot of people say they have dreams of being chased. I found a dream dictionary online. Let's see what it says.

This (being chased) can represent a feeling or fear of: persecution, hostility, aggression, criticism, etc. by another person or by "people in general." It can also represent real-life situation where you feel your boundaries have been crossed or your integrity has been compromised.

Being victimized by a gang or mob can mean you're feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of by a particular situation in your life, or you are feeling powerless.

I don't really agree with dream dictionaries. I don't think you can put one definition to every little thing you encounter in a dream. What do you think?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucid dreaming

I had my first experience with lucid dreaming this week. Lucid dreaming is where you are dreaming and you know you are dreaming so you have some control over the dream. There are entire books on how to be able to dream lucidly. I remember as a kid my friend would tell me that he did it a lot. I have wanted to for a long time. How cool would it be to fly? Unfortunately, I wouldn't say my first experience was entirely successful.

In my dream I was playing baseball. A player on the other team slid into home plate and the umpire called him out. The player argued with the ump and the decision was reversed. I started arguing with the ump because he's not supposed to just reverse his call when a player whines. My temper rose and I started kicking things and throwing equipment all over the baseball diamond. A couple guys on the other team tried to get me to stop, but I refused. More and more people surrounded me.

Straight out of the Ninja Turtles movie
Towards the end there were 4 guys standing in front of me holding baseball bats and looking like they were going to hit me with them. I really wanted to get past them. I wasn't afraid of them I was just frustrated that they were blocking my way. All of a sudden I realized I was dreaming and decided to just run past them because they wouldn't be able to hurt me. As I past the ball players one of the hit me in the back of the head with his bat and I blacked out. Blacking out changed the dream and I don't remember what the second dream was about. I should've remembered to fly.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


K, try to follow this one.

I was at church and this old couple and their 50 year old daughter got up to announce they were going to the temple for the first time. Although we were in Alabama they said they would be going to the temple in England. The next thing I know we were in England taking a tour of the temple grounds.

During the tour I was bored so I was doing my own thing. Oddly enough I was throwing a cucumber like a baseball and trying to get it to curve. The 50 year old daughter got mad at me for not being serious so I sulked off. I found a big walking stick at a gift shop and I bought it for $44.

I was looking at a map on a table and set the stick down when a little kid came up and started looking at my stick. He tried to grab it from me, but I pulled it back. He told me it was the same staff from the Indiana Jones movie (Raiders of the Lost Ark) that points to where the ark is located. We run off to try to figure out how to work it.

We get to a place where there are a lot of Russian army personnel going into the temple. They tell us the Nazis are coming and we need to hide. We go down near an ocean to hide. The hill we were on moves steeply down to the ocean and the ground gives way when we step down. As the waves lap against the hillside I hear a plane fly by overhead and I'm terrified the Nazis will find us.

Scared? Don't worry, he wants to help.
I get closer to the water and a wave pulls me out. I try to swim back to shore, but I get pulled out farther. I see a tree that is attached to the shore under water. I try to reach it to pull myself back to shore, but I can't quite get to it. Then I see a big brown bear swimming in the water. He offers his paw to help me back to shore. I hesitate then realize that I'm about to drown so I grab his paw and he pulls me to the tree.

The bear pulls me back to shore and I am still holding onto the staff. The dream ends with me trying to convince a team of people I'm with to let the bear fight with us against the Nazis.

Confused? You aren't the only one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Lately I have been having a difficult time remembering my dreams since Abby and I have been here in Alabama (I've come to terms with the fact that I do dream even when I don't remember the dreams in the morning). I think its a combination of a hard bed, new surroundings, and the fact that I'm constantly trying to think if I have something to do for my training the next day.

I have a game on my phone called Bejeweled. Its a lot of fun. You have to move the gems so there's 3 in a row so they disappear. Its quite addicting. Last night I played for almost an hour (I know that Abby loves to watch World Series of Poker, but its really not my thing). While I don't remember much that went on during my dream last night I do remember that there were lots of these little gems floating around and I was trying to move them into 3's. Funny how the brain works.

Monday, October 4, 2010

And the winner is...

So last week I had a dream that I was playing tennis with a friend of mine and I was down 1-5 in the set. He was acting pretty arrogant when I decided that I wanted to beat him. Then he turned into Raphael Nadal. I won a couple of games, but lost the set. We kept playing and even though I didn't win I did pretty well for playing against Raphael Nadal.

That was a super cool dream. Then last night I didn't sleep well because I'm sick and I'm on a hard bed here in this hotel room in Alabama. I do, however, remember waking up thinking that I was going to magic school like in Harry Potter instead of going to military training. I woke up thinking, "What if I can't do magic?" I guess that's what I get for listening to the 7th Harry Potter book on the 16 hour drive from Texas to Alabama.