Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah, that totally makes sense

Unfortunately work keeps me kinda busy so I haven't been writing down as many dreams as I would like to. However, the other week I had a pretty good one.

It was like a mix of the mission and military. I was forced to go back on my mission because I had done something wrong. My old companion and I were living with a family in a tree. We spent a lot of the dream looking for a gym because we couldn't shower at the tree because we weren't supposed to waste the family's water.

Anyway, the dream ended with a meeting with all the missionaries. The guy leading the meeting was some military guy that kept yelling at us. Oh, and we were standing in a pool of water in a cave that happened to be the top of a waterfall. So two companions were mad at each other and one of them pulled a rocket launcher out and pointed it at his companion. In the dream I was thinking, "Yeah, that makes sense. I mean he is pretty mad." We wrestled the rocket launcher away from him and it fell over the waterfall and the dream ended with the two missionaries pointing pistols at each other and threatening one another.

Assuming there is a pool in the cave this pretty accurately depicts the cave
Do you ever see something in your dream that is completely impossible and think, yeah, that makes sense? That is one of my favorite parts of dreaming. Of course, once I wake up I realize how insane the dream was, but its fun to take a break from reality. Maybe its the mix of realities and impossibilities that leads our minds to believe its all real.