Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chevy Chase!

I was driving around a post apocalyptic, run-down town filled with dirt roads. I was driving back and forth between a building and a motel. I finally parked at the motel and walked across the street to another hotel looking for someone. When I got back to my car I saw two guys and a girl shut the doors of my van and run off. I ran after the guys as the girl ran in the other direction.

One of the guys was a balding middle-aged guy and the other was Chevy Chase. Chevy Chase outran the bald guy and I decided to chase down this bald guy. It was hard for me to run and it seemed like my legs were really heavy. I finally caught up to the bald guy and pulled him down to the ground.

I was choking him and asking him what they did to my van. He told me they put a bomb in my van and then he was shot before he could say any more. I looked up and Chevy Chase was standing on the balcony of the motel with a gun aimed at me. I deduced that he shot the bald guy so he wouldn't tell me any more about what they did to my van. As Chevy Chase took aim at me I pulled the bald guy on top of me to shield me from the bullets.

Once he stopped shooting I ran off. I ended up at the other side of the city and called 911. I told the operator there was a bomb in my van and I explained where the van was parked. A cop picked me up and we drove to the motel in his squad car. When we got to the motel the room I was staying in had become a crime seen where a bomb had gone off. The dream ended with me in the room trying to help the police figure out what happened.