Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You are what you... watch

So I decided to buy The Mind at Night because I enjoyed reading it so much and my sisters got me Amazon gift cards for Christmas (thanks Amy and Erika). I started browsing this morning and read that sometimes our brain shows us plot-less imagery as a way of storing information in long term memory. I remembered reading that dreams are one way our brain stores such memory. Then I remembered the dreams I've been having lately. I had one dream where I was Harry Potter, one where it seemed I was watching an episode of Law and Order and one where I was making baseball jerseys.

All of these dreams relate back to something I have watched lately, including a 2.5 hour documentary on baseball. In the past 8 months I have been underemployed as I like to put it. I can't remember the last time I worked 40 hours in a week. With this time off I've watched a lot of TV and movies. Not the most productive use of my time. If my dreams are an indication of what is being stored in my long term memory I think that's kind of sad. I don't need stored memory of Olivia Benson interrogating a suspect or Harry Potter destroying horcruxes. Time to be more productive.
And now he's stuck in my brain

Friday, December 3, 2010

Running late

This dream was from a month back, but I just read it again and thought it was pretty cool.

And I haven't even watched Teen Wolf since this summer
I was a second-string player on a high school basketball team where a tall guy I worked with 2 years ago (David) was the star player. There was one other really good player on the team that I was the backup to. We were having a team meeting before a game and someone brought up that the kid I backed up was a werewolf so he wouldn't be allowed to play. I didn't say anything, but I knew I'd get a lot more playing time.

I left the meeting to walk over to the game. I met Abby on the way and started over there together holding hands. We were walking on some college campus and I was telling her that I'd get to play a lot more because the other kid wouldn't be allowed to play. Abby saw one of the girls she had met in China and stopped to talk to her. Then they saw another of their friends and they all started catching up. I noticed that I was wearing running shoes instead of basketball shoes so I had to go back to get my shoes. I wanted Abby to come with me, but she wanted to stay and talk. I gave her a look like I was upset with her and she shot back the same look so I went off by myself.

I started down an escalator that a couple people were trying to run up. The escalator dropped off about 10 feet at the bottom so I had to climb down the side of a hotel / casino hanging onto its sign. I went into the hotel and ran around trying to find something. I think I was looking for my room. I found a room with a fridge and opened it up putting my head in the vegetable crisper. I expected it to transport me to my room. I tried this a couple times even though the crisper was not clean.

I walked outside and someone met me and we went back in time together. We went to his house to watch a movie. I thought the movie was going to be good, but it turned out boring. David was there so I left with him to go to the game. We were walking through my parents' neighborhood and I was trying to get to their house because I still needed my shoes. The street they live on was gone, though. David left me to go to the game. The dream ended with me running around looking for my parents' house.